Frequently-asked questions

What are the requirements to join this journey?

First and foremost; you must be ready to lead, motivated to go the distance. That doesn’t mean you have to hold a formal leadership position or have extensive leadership experience. We believe effective leaders drive change and make a difference regardless of their official job description.

What kind of people go on journeys?

We’ve seen entrepreneurs, high-level executives, young talents, sports professionals, HR specialists, best-in-class coaches, experienced managers, legal experts, top trainers and people from many other walks of life greatly benefiting from our journeys.

Can I join with my Management Team?

Yes, the journey is a powerful way to align and develop your management team. During the journey you get the opportunity to both share and learn with other participants and work on specific assignments with your team.  

I have a very busy agenda, can I join the journey later or leave early?

No, you can’t. The journey is a balanced program from the first to the last minute. Both for yourself and your fellow participants, it will be counter-productive and disruptive if you are not there for the full five days.

Can I arrive early or stay longer?

Of course. Many participants arrive in the country or city a day early to acclimatize to the environment and make sure they are fully rested. A journey is very intense, and it may be good for you to stay a bit longer afterwards to recuperate and also to take in more of the surroundings. Arranging accommodation and anything else you need is then up to you; we only take care of arrangements during the journey itself.

What should I bring?

The most important things to bring are an open mind and a healthy dose of curiosity. The more of you put into the journey, the more you will get out of it.


For practical matters, the requirements for each journey are different, depending on factors like destination and the time of year. However, there are certain things you should always bring; proper walking shoes and a valid passport. You will receive a detailed packing list two weeks before the start of the journey.


The journey fee includes a travel pack with journey-specific necessities, so you can travel into the unknown comfortably and well-prepared.

Do I need insurance for the journey?

Yes. During our journeys we do everything we can to make sure you remain healthy and safe. Still, unexpected things happen on journeys - just as they do on any other day of your life. Travel and health insurance (for medical expenses abroad and medical evacuation) as well as coverage for lost or damaged luggage are therefore mandatory. You will be asked for policy details during the registration process.


We also recommend you are covered for trip cancellation and interruption. This will allow you to claim a refund for your tickets, hotels and the journey fee if you are unfortunately not able to take part after booking.

How can I be reached during the journey?

We move around a lot and will not always be within reach of GSM/Wi-Fi/3G or other forms of connectivity. However, the amaseu team has satellite phones and other communication devices. We will provide you the emergency contact information two weeks before the start of the journey.


We recommend you minimize contact with colleagues, customers, family and friends as much as possible during the five days of the journey, so you can really focus on the content and experiences and enjoy the journey to the max.

Are there minimum physical requirements?

You can expect some physical exertion during a journey. As a leader, it helps to be fit. In saying that, our journeys are designed so everyone can participate. If required, we always have contingency plans for those who - for whatever reason - have mobility issues.

I am on a diet and/or suffer from allergies; is this a problem?

No. You will be asked about personal health conditions (diets, allergies, medication) so that we can make sure you get what you need during your journey. 

What if there is an emergency and I need to go home immediately?

Our experienced logistics team will work with you to get you home as soon as possible.

Can I get my money back if I have to leave early?

No, we will not refund any of the journey fee, as most of our costs are incurred way before the journey starts. We recommend you take out trip cancellation and interruption insurance to make sure the financial consequences of having to go back early are minimal.

Will there be free time during the journey?

Journey days are fully utilized for your personal leadership development, from early in the morning until late in the evening. But a journey is not boot camp, so there will be time to relax and unwind.

How about a nice drink at the bar after a long day?

Since our journeys are very intense, we prefer our Journeys to be alcohol-free until it is time to celebrate. Many participants tell us they really appreciate this, to be yourself and fully present at all time. It adds to the experience of the journey.

How do I pay?

After sign-up you or your company will be send an specified invoice. You can pay the invoice via an international bank transfer to our IBAN bank number. In the invoice we will add VAT if applicable. Full payment confirms your participation. We expect payment within 14 days of the invoice date. If you cannot pay via bank transfer, please contact us.


In most countries this journey is considered professional education and eligible for company tax deductions. Check with your financial advisor.